Your reviews focus too much on the target movie and not on the quality of the riffing. Isn't riffing what it's all about?

You're right, but only to the extent that every movie the crew riffs on is equally B-movie-esque. However, I would much rather watch a movie like "Cave Dwellers" if it had mediocre riffing than I would a movie like "Teenage Crimewave" with better riffing. Also, I can only say "good riffing", "clever riffing", and "boring riffing" so many times, but if I talk about the movie they riff on, each one is different and invokes different riffing styles.

Can you add video clips to your page? That would be great!

You're right. That WOULD be awesome. But when you figure in the amount of work it would take to chose clips, isolate the clips I wanted, research which video encoder to use that EVERYONE could play, encode everything, and THEN worry about if I'm violating any copyright laws or not, I don't think it's feasible. However, I recently added a feature to each review called a "Photo Gallery" which is a few stills from each episode. I had each Enshrined episode done at launch, and I'm adding more as I go.

The Box Set Review grades seem a bit arbitrary.

Apparently, my math is not as good as I thought it was. I've simplified the formula and now the grades make more sense. I still don't know why the old and new formulas yield different results, but the new one gives a more sensible end result.

Your site sure has a lot of black background. Please, no more!

Since I recently switched to CSS, I should just have to make some minor tweaks. But, it's space. And it looks cool and stuff.

Well, okay, but it makes it kind of hard to read.

It does? Hmmmm. (pause) A communications major friend of mine just confirmed that the general public does indeed find black text on white easier to read than white on black. Okay, I promise I'll do some more research on that and get back to you. Some quick tests with simply changing my CSS file have been very positive. Dare I say, I kind of like it too! I want my site to be as easy on the eyes as it can be. It's just that EVERY OTHER site on the net has black text on white background and it's a bit boring. Plus, I grew up programming with white text on a black monitor so I'm a bit baised.

Your page layout could use some work.

If you're talking about navigating, I agree. This is my first stab at a live site and I write all my CSS and HTML by hand. If you're talking about individual review layout, m'eh, maybe. I just have a header with stats and awards followed by reviews and riffs. Can't get simpler than that. If you're talking about browser flexibility, I've tried many different DOCTYPEs and many different browsers and as long as you have the browser window stretched to at least 1024 pixels wide, everything should look fine. Even at 800, all I lose is the Oh! awards. (Perhaps having a widescreen has spoiled me.)

Why don't all of the episodes have summaries?

This site is a work in progress. At current, I'm adding a couple of things per episode every few days. Considering the amount of items I have per episode, it may be awhile until things are done. I'm hitting my favorites first, and then working down.

Why did you give my favorite episode a low grade?!

There are as many different "favorite" lists as there are Msties, and thank goodness for that! A low grade doesn't mean I don't like the episode, it just means that I don't watch it as often as I do others.

Why are the shorts on a separate page?

Ahh, shorts. Beautiful, majestic, wonderful shorts.
Since I really started this site to review each movie WITHIN an Mst3k episode as well as its treatment by Mst3k, the shorts were really separate by nature. Plus, I love the shorts so much that I wanted to give each short a full review treatment of its own.

You seem a bit biased in favor of the shows you saw first.

Yup! But can you really blame me? I was introduced to Mst3k during seasons 4 and 5 which is considered by most to be the "salad days" of the show so most of my first episodes were series classics.

How did you determine the genres?

They're just 9 categories that I thought best described each episode. I started with only 5, but broke "SciFi" into 5 separate categories since over half of the episodes were SciFi films.

I see something on your site that looks familiar...

I don't doubt it. The website is 99% original work, but I do get inspiration from other sites or people. I'll also wander the net to refresh myself on a host segment or riff now and then.