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Last Site Update:

June 8, 2016

Consider the Stinger

A recent weekend discussion over at MST3KINFO.COM really got me thinking about stingers as I considered what good stingers would be for shows that had none. So, what makes a good stinger? After much thought, I've realized that a stinger can be ANYTHING! It can be funny, thought-provoking, or, as my friend once put it, "a moment of Zen". It can be kind-of about the movie like "Day the Earth Froze", it can have everything to do with the movie like "It Conquered the World", or it can have nothing to do with the movie like "Manos". Therefore, I decided to go through the library and create my own stingers for movies that didn't have them and those that did alike. As of now I have a few dozen done for some of my favorites, but they will start popping up where the usual stingers are; at the bottom of each episode review with the host segments.

I've just now started playing with SVG graphics and so the RPM-o-meters for each season are now in purty-lookin' SVG. What else can I do with SVG...? Hmm....

Season 11 ?!!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, indeed! Season 11 is upon us and, hopefully, a few more seasons are a foregone conclusion. And so, what does that mean for this site? A legitimate question to which I don't know the answer yet. I have not decided if I will just keep right on going and seamlessly blend the new season(s) into the site, or if it would be better to split the entities, at least for the meantime. Not only is there something hallowed about the first 10 seasons, but they've been simmering for so long, I'm not sure if a fair comparison is possible. I mean, can Metallica's "Ride the Lightning" truly be compared to "St. Anger"? I have every intention of giving the new seasons their rightful place, but as you may have noticed, speed is not really my strong suit. So, keep checking back, especially about the time a few EPs of the new season have been unveiled. (This is gonna be so fun!)

I've decided to step back and take a good hard look at my own personal rankings. Since I last did my rankings a few years ago, naturally, some shows have fallen back and some have risen to the top as I've had a chance to view some eps for the second or third time to properly gauge where they stand. For instance, I'd only seen "608: Code Name: Diamonhead" and "620: Danger Death Ray" once each before the original ranking, but both of those have quickly become faves as others, "520: Radar Secret Service" have fallen to make room for the risers.

I redid the calendar to have an episode on EVERY day instead of episodes spaced out throughout the year. I mean, who wants to wait 2 days between episodes? With 365 days, that's enough to have each episode twice and the top 13 episodes (per the Mstie Community rankings) three times.

This is really just a note to let you all know of some very small cosmetic tweaks/fixes to the site and also that I've done some behind the scenes improvements that will make updating it MUCH easier which will hopefully facilitate gittin' 'er done!

I finally got the Box Sets pages updated with sets 30, 31, and 32.

Every single episode now has at least a still-frame of the title screen in its photo gallery. I'm also experimenting with animated stills, which I REALLY like! Check out "904: Werewolf" for an example.
In other news, long story short, I decided that my number-crunching as it related to the Mstie Community votes for favorite episodes was flawed. I was CLOSE, but my final step of making two ranked lists and then taking the average of those was unfairly ranking "inferior" shows above "superior" shows. I had an epiphany that a show's inclusion on a list was a testament to its superiority over a show NOT on the list. If someone gave me a ranked list of 10 shows, they were giving me the same information as someone with a ranked list of 176 shows, they just had 166 shows tied for 11th place. What it all means is that there was SOME movement in rankings and awards. Not a ton, but enough to notice here and there.

Added box sets 28 and 29.

The RPM-o-meters for each season now have a maximum and minimum value that reflects the ENTIRE series, not just the season. That makes it easier to see how this season did against everything. I also added some backshading so it's easier to see how "full" each meter is.

Added characters, summaries, reflections and riffs for a lot of my favorite shorts.

Goodness. A year without an update. Sorry. However, that doesn't mean I've been complacent. The big news is that I now have ALL of the host segment descriptions and grades completed! I also have some more galleries added for a lot of the shorts and box sets 25, 26, and 27 added. Over the remainder of this year I would REALLY like to make a legitimate effort to get this thing finished. Here we go...

I have added info for

Box Set (#23) and Box Set (#24)

to the box set page.

I have added info for

Box Set (#22)

to the box set page.

Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but I DO have an update! I have added info for the

Gamera Box Set (#21)

to the box set page. I also just realized that I had a CSS typo over on the Lite side fo the review page that was messing up box set and gallery fonts! Oops! Why'd it take me so long? Let's just say that God has had other plans for my life recently that didn't involve this site. But that's cool.

After two weeks and 15 million online votes, the

Tough Guy/Gal/Group Bracket!

has wrapped up and the winners are.....



The Beatniks!!!

Thanks to everyone who voted! The complete bracket is here.

I have added an actual colored meter to the


section in each season's summary which it nice so you can tell how the RPMs ebbed and flowed as you read that section.

I whipped out the "Verified: Sacred" award about a month ago, but ever since then I've been bothered. Sure, awards are cool, but WHY do certain shows rank high enough to get them? What attracts Msties AND me to certain shows? And so, I give you

Excellence Explained

which can be found at the top of each season's page in the summary section. In this section, I talk about episodes that Msties and I agree are the best of the series and why I think that is.
You'll also notice that I now have

Random Title Banners

at the top of this page featuring the Enshrined icon. Neat!

There are ~25 shows that are "Verified: Awesome", but let's be honest, can "Starfighters" really hold a candle to the sacred classic "Manos"? I say (with all due respect to #612) "NO!", and so I have created another "Verified" award called which is given to shows that both myself and Msties rank in the top ~20. I'm careful to give this to no more than 10 shows. For an easy way to see which shows have been sacredified, head on over to the "Mstie Rank" page in the "Sorted Lists" section. Also, a few more favorite episode votes have been submitted so I've updated the

Mstie Rankings


I've been a called a crazed fan. Thanks! As the time since MST3K's exit from the airwaves increases, it's the crazed fans that keep MST3K alive. That's the reason I not only keep this site available, but living and breathing with new ideas.

But why did I really start this site? If you're familiar with my RPM project, you can imagine what it took to do it. I watched every episode, in depth, with undivided attention. When you do that, it's hard not to apply personal preferences to certain episodes. Ranking the episodes against one another naturally followed. Also, with all of the knowledge I gained about each episode, I started to summarize each movie. There were also too many colorful characters and hilarious riffs to ignore. Before I knew it, Poof!!, the review site had been created. Granted, it's not complete (yet), but for a site that's only two years old and has this much info, it's pretty darn good!